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Search for Common Ground's US offices are closed on Monday 19 January 2015 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Requests received during this time intended for US-based staffers will be answered on 20 January, unless urgent.

SFCG Help Center

Help Center FAQ

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2014 03:18PM EDT
We're proud to be rolling out the new SFCG Help Center.  Here's a spot where we can answer some general questions on how to use the site.  We'll be adding more to this list as we go, and don't hesitate to send us a ticket if you have any ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a ticket?

Submit a ticket by clicking on the submit a ticket button to the right of each department section, or by following this link. To submit a ticket to Human Resources, follow this link.

From there, it's just a matter of filling out the prompts and clicking 'Submit A Ticket' at the bottom of the page.

What should I expect to see once I submit my ticket?

You'll receive an auto-acknowledgement that your request has been received to your email. That should detail generally, per the department you submitted your ticket to and the type of request it is, how long it should take to expect a response.

How will my request be routed to the right individual?

By answering the questions on the submission form, the resulting ticket will be automatically routed to the department and oftentimes, direct to the specific staffer who can respond to your request.

Why are not all departments in the system?

Early in the Help Center process, we identified departments that might be best suited by this new system. Of course, every department is different and so meshing all of them in will take some time. For now, the departments listed in the front boxes are live; other departments should come online soon, so please check back.

How do I contact other departments?

If a department isn't yet in the SFCG Help Center, you can continue to contact them directly via email, chat, or whatever other method they prefer.

What if my request doesn't get handled in a timely manner?

Make sure to review any time guidelines in either the auto-acknowledgment or initial response, and if you need things expedited or you feel that your ticket has been missed, don't hesitate to either reply to the ticket or contact the agent more directly via chat or email. Supervisors will be reviewing all open tickets often, so know that your requests will be handled as efficiently as possible,

Why shouldn't I simply submit an email request?

Email requests remain an option, but by using the ticket submission form, we're able to categorize, route, and prioritize requests more effectively, allowing a more rapid and full response. Also, it will allow you to create an online home to check on the status of your open, pending, and closed requests.

If you would like to submit an email request however you can. Click here to view the list of email addresses.

What if I send my request directly to the individual and not using this system?

Generally, if you send a request to an individual, it will be responded to more slowly as staffers using the system notice their Help Center Tickets first. You may also receive an email from the Help Center once the staffer enters the request into the help center.

What if I know that the request should be directed to a specific individual within the department?

You can always address your tickets, "Dear Brad" etc. as if you were sending an e-mail, but the category of request that you choose (ie password, new user etc) will be the most expedient way to ensure the ticket gets to the right individual on staff soonest.

How can I check on the status of my ticket?

Of course, you can reach out to the agent handling your request or the department at any time, but one exciting new feature of the Help Center is the ability to check on ticket status by clicking on a provided link at the bottom of your response emails or acknowledgements, or even creating your own account in the Help Center to view all of your open tickets at once. To do this, visit this link and set up your account. ..

What about open requests made before the help center was launched? Should I resubmit them?

Feel free to re-submit tickets via the submission form or via email if you have an open issue you are awaiting a response on.

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