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HOWTO - Submit a check request

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2014 03:06PM EDT

Check Requests are most commonly used for expenses at DC Headquarters, and are very similar to Wire Requests.  Here are some instructions for how to enter a check request into our system.

Follow these steps 

Click on any screenshot for a better view.

1. Click on Forms link; the link is on the top left hand corner of the screen.  If you do not have this link in your navigation, or are getting Access Denied messages, please click here and select 'Finance' as the department and 'Check Request Issues' as the category to submit an access request.

2. A current listing of your submitted requests will appear.  This may take some time, so patience is needed.  Once you arrive at this screen, you can view your existing requests and their statuses, or click on 'Create a new Check Transfer Request' to begin a new entry.

3. To begin completing the request, type in the 'Enter the vendor's name' box and click Search. You'll be able to select it and pre-fill out some info if it is already present in the system.

4. Once you review and confirm the vendor information, either by entering a new vendor by using the 'Add a New Vendor' button or by clicking to confirm the vendor you searched for, confirm the contact information is correct.  Then, click on 'View Bank Information' to confirm the information on that tab, which of course is vital to routing the payment to the vendor.

5. Enter the description of the charge from the documentation in the 'Description / Reason for Expense...' field.  Be as detailed as you think necessary.  Then, enter the invoice number, confirm the date, and, if you are going to be uploading the document later, the barcode you put on it.  If you are uploading directly to the request, you can leave it blank.  Then, enter the grant, account, and cost of the invoice.

6. Once you've entered that info, upload your supporting documentation (in PDF format when possible). This should be the invoice and any other documents associated with it. If you are scanning the documents later, you can leave this blank as long as the barcode number is entered for the system to match it up. Finally, select your approver and click 'Submit'. An email will go out to both of you that the request is in the system. If you're not quite ready to submit the request yet, you can select 'Save' to put it in your list to submit in the future.

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