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Adding Access for Finance Reports

Last Updated: May 14, 2014 03:43PM EDT

To grant access to Financial Reports and other parts of the Finance Portal, there are several steps that must be followed, as multiple systems need to be touched to ensure that staffers have access to all of the needed screens and reports. This also must be completed for staffers to be able to submit timesheets or checks or wires.

1. A request to grant Finance Portal Access, whether it be for one grant, multiple grants, all grants for a project code or country, or any variation of the same, must be approved by either the Controller (currently Bob Maleta), Senior Finance Manager (currently Patricia Ponder), Grants & Contracts Manager (currently Abie Alexander), or CFO (currently Jim Russo). In special cases, access can be approved by members of the executive team. Approval must be in form of an email in the Help Center unless specific noted by one of these people. This is necessary for future audit purposes and there can be no exceptions. Generally approval comes after a New Staff Request Form is submitted by a supervisor or a specific request is made to Finance or IT. If it doesn't come from one of the above, please contact one of them to approve the request.

2. Once approval is granted, go to https://sharepoint.sfcg.org, log in if needed, and select 'Setup' on the left hand bar to access the initial configuration screens for Finance Portal Access. (If you do not see the 'Setup' link and believe you should have access, please contact IT at help.sfcg.org/#it.


Selecting 'Setup'

3. Select 'Users' from this list to either view existing users or to create a new user.

Selecting 'Users'

4. The first 50 users appear. It will be easier to maximize your web browser to full screen in order to read it well, whenever possible.

The User List

5. Scan to the bottom of the page to either increase the number of people you can see in the list, or to add a new staffer.  A good rule of thumb is to select ‘Page Size: All’ so you can see all users on one very long page.  The screen will refresh as soon as it is selected. If you are looking to create a new record, select ‘Insert New Item’, and then skip to #7.

Viewing All Records on one screen

6. The easiest way to search through the list is to type CTRL+F to bring up the Find box, and then type in part of the name of the person you are looking for. Once you find the correct record, click on ‘Edit’ to review it.

Finding a Record

7. The individual user record has a lot of options.  Here’s what they do.

  • User Name: Must match the Email/Intranet User Name of the staffer exactly
  • Name: Full Name of the staffer
  • Title: Current Title of the Staffer; these must be typed in and do not auto-populate from any other system
  • Active:  If the staffer is currently active with SFCG.  When a staffer departs, their access is cut anyway, so this box should always be checked no matter what.
  • Administrator: Should only be granted to Finance staffers, this box allows staffers to be able to review all check and wire requests regardless of who submitted them.  This is particularly important as without this check, staffers will be unable to review this type of documentation from the reports no matter their specific grant access.
  • Reclass Email To/CC: Should only be granted in specific cases, this will add the staffer to all reclass emails from the system.
  • Project Approver: Should be granted to all supervisors and managers. This adds their names as a possible choice to approve an invoice on wires and check requests.
  • Grants Access:
    • None: No access to any Grants
    • RO (Read-Only): Can Only review grant info, cannot alter it. This should be the default choice for any staffer unless specifically stated otherwise by Finance
    • RW (Read-Write): Can both read and write grant information
    • RWD (Read-Write-Delete): Can also delete grant information.
  • Needs FX Rates: Mostly for Finance, this allows them to review and update currency exchange rates
  • Order Manager: Checking this box will allow this person to be the final approver (to order) checks and wires.  Should not be granted to anyone not in Finance and then only when specifically requested.
  • Upload Budgets: Checking this box grants access to the ‘Upload Budgets’ page on the Finance Portal, allowing the staffer to upload project budgets into the system.
  • Upload Field Reports: Checking this box grants access to the ‘Upload Field Reports’ page on the Finance Portal, allowing the staffer to upload field reports into the system.
  • Access Donor Reports: Checking this box grants access to the ‘Donor Reports’ page on the Finance Portal, allowing the staffer to run certain kinds of donor reports not captured elsewhere.
  • Consolidated Reports: This adds staffers’ information to be able to get consolidated email reports. They still need to be added to other lists for specific grants.
  • Group-User Relationships: Clicking here allows the addition of the staffer to specific groups. Except for Admins, generally most staffers have information added to…
  • User-Project Relationships: Clicking here allows grant by grant access to reports.
    • You must select ‘Insert New Item’ to add an item to the table. Just adding the info on the top of the screen and returning to the previous screen will not work.  You can add by specific grant number, or by an entire country or department’s set of grants by selecting just the three-letter code in the drop down box.  You must select ‘Insert New Item’ each time and for each grant to save the information.

The main setup screen

User-Project Relationships

Inserting a new Project

8. Once you have confirmed the grant choices, the next step is to grant the staffer access to the appropriate Sharepoint pages.  To do this, select ‘Site Actions’ at the top of the screen, and then ‘Site Permissions’.

Sharepoint Site Permissions

9. On the next screen, you will need to add the staffer to the ‘Finance Report Users’ group.  This will give them access to the specific page that the Finance Reports are on.

Finance Report Users

10. In most cases, you will want to grant them access to the grant documents from their specific region or country.  Those are in the list of groups as well, but for full access, you can add staffers to ‘Grant Document Users'.

Grants Documents Users

11. To add a person to a group, select the group to bring up the group roster.  Select the ‘New’ and then ‘Add Users’ button. If this link doesn’t appear for you and you think it should, please contact IT at help.sfcg.org/#it.

Adding to a group

12. Type in the user name and click on the checkbox in the bottom-right hand corner to confirm the system can find it.  Typing the user name or part of the person’s name will bring them up if exact or give you a choice if not.

Finding the name

13. There is no need to send a notification email when someone is joining a group.  Click on the checkbox next to ‘Send welcome email…’ to remove it, and then select ‘OK’ to finish the add.

Confirming the add

If you have any questions on this process, or if anything behaves unexpectedly, do not hesitate to reach out to IT or Finance via the Help Center for more information and assistance.

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