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Google Drive - Important Tips

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2014 09:47AM EDT

Google Drive is a powerful cloud storage tool that many of use every day. Following up on our most recent training, we wanted to give you a quick summary of ways to ensure that your files in your drive remain there until you decide to move them on, no matter what others do. So, here are a few quick this to remember.

Only a file owner can delete files, but a person with editor access can move them and restrict access to others.

IMPORTANT: If you're not the file owner (identified next to the file name in the list view, and in the info panel on the right when you're in the Grid View), you can never delete it, but if you choose to 'Remove' it from your screen or your drive, you will remove it from view for everyone who has access to it, including the file owner. In order to do this, right-click on the file or folder and select 'Remove'.

If you do this, only the owner will be able to bring the files back. The files will become 'orphaned', without a folder, and the owner will need to search for them or follow these tips:

This can become particularly challenging when folders and files are owned by different people, or your files are inside someone else's folders, so be very careful when making these types of changes.

But what if I want to sync or view only part of a folder in My Drive; how can I do it so I don't restrict access to others?

Google Drive Sync, the offline version of Google Drive for PCs and Macs, can only sync first-level folders in your My Drive. So, what if you want to do this for only one folder in a shared folder, or even just one sub-folder on your own drive? What if you just want to move a folder or link to it elsewhere on your drive?

Google's support team has created a special presentation for us to help us out with detailed screenshots, and I encourage anyone looking to do this to go through it.

The key to this method is to right-click on the file, select 'Move to...', and then select 'Cancel' on the screen that will come up asking for a specific folder. This way, a shortcut is added to your My Drive only. However, it does link to the shared folder from there, so any changes you make inside the folder still impact others.

Also, while the presentation doesn't say this, you can also hold the CTRL key while dragging the file or folder to your My Drive to do the same thing.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at help.it@sfcg.org.

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