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IT Update: How to create filters in Gmail

Last Updated: May 14, 2018 07:05AM EDT

How to create filters in Gmail


Are you tired of emails bombarding your inbox that you can’t find time to read? How can Gmail help you to identify the emails you need to see and filter out the ones you don’t?


Well, Gmail has a way to categorize and filter incoming emails based on certain criteria, such as a specific sender’s email or emails containing certain keywords.With this tool, you can even program for emails to go directly to a specific folder, skipping the inbox altogether.


Sounds interesting? Here is how.

  1. Select an email (from a certain sender or having certain keyword(s)) from your inbox that you want to create a filter with.

  1. Click on ‘More’ dropdown list and click on ‘filter message like this’ option from from the list of available options.


  1. A new popup window will appear to specify the filter criteria. It is good to filter mails coming from a certain email address or certain domain names rather than filtering with keywords, when possible. For example, if you want all mails coming from dmeforpeace.org to filter and want them to go to a certain folder in your mailbox and skip the inbox while they arrive, choose @dmeforpeace.org in ‘from’ field. This makes sure that every email coming from dmeforpeace.org will be filtered the way you want. With this, it will not matter if mails come from person01@dmeforpeace.org or person02@dmeforpeace.org. It will filter all the mails coming from dmeforpeace.org domain. I personally prefer this method while creating a filter.

  1. Now click on ‘Create filter with this search’.


  1. It will take you to a new set of options.

    1. Skip inbox (archive it): this option will tell emails to go directly to a folder and the filtered emails will not appear on your inbox.

    2. Apply the label: choose an existing label or create one. Label is the folder name you want to archive your mails into.

    3. Choosing ‘never send it to Spam’ option prevents your filtered emails from going into spam or junk mail folder. As you know, mails in junk mail folder automatically gets emptied in every 30 days or so. Mails can remain unnoticed when they are in spam or junk folder.

    4. Also apply folder to matching conversations: this option lets you to apply filter to your existing emails that are in your inbox and they will then go to the desired label or folder.

  1. Now you are all done. Click on ‘Create filter’ button. Messages that come in will go through this filter immediately before you even see them, and allow Gmail to help you in a new way.


NOTE: You can have as many filters as you would like. To see all of your existing filters, go to the menu in the top right hand corner of your email screen and select ‘Settings’. ‘Filters & Blocked Addresses’ are the fifth option.



Next time, we’ll go over advanced searches, where you customize filters and do basic searches even more quickly and accurately. Stay tuned for that.  For now, for any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at help.it@sfcg.org.


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